Technical Security

As a comprehensive system integrator and security provider, we design, implement, monitor and maintain security systems for commercial, industrial, government and SME sectors. With extensive experience in system integration, TeleGroup covers all technical security disciplines including Video surveillance (CCTV), Access Control, Fire Detection, Intrusion Prevention and Integrated Building Management Systems.

  • Fire detection and protection systems including fire extinguishers
    Secure your property, investments, assets and discourage theft and vandalism 

  • IP Video Surveillance Systems
    Protect your employees, customers and overall business

  • Intrusion Prevention Systems
    Reduce operating costs, liability and insurance premiums

  • Access control and attendance systems
    Optimize facility operations, productivity and customer service

  • Perimeter protection systems
    Maintain full video surveillance coverage of your facility

  • Technical security management and monitoring systems

We provide completely IP-based enterprise class technical security solutions that addresses your toughest security challenges, and also improves the efficiency of your operations.

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