Transform your platform into something more than just a TV.

TeleGroup provides end-to-end video solution and professional services for IPTV and OTT service providers. Our solution is designed to offer a TV platform that can deliver video content by IP, cable or satellite infrastructure.

We create, deliver and customize your TV platform to ensure that your customers get personalized TV experience on any device.


What we offer:


Modern middleware solutions

Connect each subsystem and allow users to watch content on any device: TV, tablets, phones or computers.

DRM (Digital Rights Management) systems

Complete protection of your digital video content…

Digital head-ends, encoders, decoders and transcoders

Can fetch and process all video inputs and prepare them for your TV platform

Scramblers and Descramblers

Ensure your video signal travels in encrypted form protecting it from unauthorized usage


Enable transfer of digital video via analog network enabling you to use infrastructure other than IP

Quality of Experience (QoE)

Surveillance and monitoring of video, which ensures delivery of best quality videos to your users

CDN platforms and streamers

Gather all content you provide and deliver it throughout the network to end user devices

Origin servers and packagers

Improve video delivery on managed or open internet networks

CPE equipment and Set-Top Boxes

Reproduce video and other content coming from your TV platform

Hospitality solutions

Allow you to offer TV service that is customized for usage in hotels

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