Collaborate smart.

In today’s world, businesses demand instant face-to-face communication between employees and clients, regardless of where they are located or what technology they are using. In TeleGroup, we design and implement a comprehensive collaboration solutions that meet contemporary business requirements.

We have been delivering for more than 10 years video conferencing solutions and services to numerous companies across the Western Balkans market and have implemented a video collaboration as an integral part of their communication strategy.

We provide a range of solutions from individual mobile and desktop units to fully immersive Telepresence suites by working closely with the global leading video conferencing technology vendors.


What we offer:



The same high-quality, secure and reliable video experience you get inside the office on your mobile device.


High-quality video, audio and content collaboration from your desktop or a dedicated device.


Powerful video and audio performance and interactive content sharing bring users closer together and drive higher levels of collaboration for geographically dispersed teams.


Real-as-life collaboration experience.


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