IT Security

Protect. Discover. Remediate

In today’s data-driven world there are serious threats that must be addressed. In order to maintain IT security within your company, you need to understand risk, learn to manage and reduce it, and know how to recover after an attack. In TeleGroup, we focus on designing and implementing an effective security strategy that meets your organization objectives and protects your business.

  • Network security

    Awareness of network and application security posture through customer engagements. Threat Visibility reports provide customers with findings to include host and application risks, malware threats, and recommended actions.

  • End Point Security
    Endpoint security ensures that all smart devices follow a definite level of compliance and standards

  • Sensitive Data Protection
    Provides assessments and services to identify and protect your company’s most sensitive data.

  • Analytics

    Additional value from your security deployments with tailored integrations delivering out of box reports, views and searches for different security platforms.

  • Remote Access

    Mobile Device Management, VoIP/IP/Mobile Security, Network Access Control, Identity & Access Management

We provide completely IP-based enterprise class technical security solutions that addresses your toughest security challenges, and also improves the efficiency of your operations.

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