• December 1, 2021
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TeleGroup GmbH is expanding its workforce

Nine years of doing stable business in Germany

Five years ago, TeleGroup has recognized the potential for expansion of our business in Central Europe, and established company named TeleGroup GmbH. Today, TeleGroup GmbH has the privilege to be the first company in our field that Deutsche Telekom, one of the world’s leading telecom operators, has chosen as its long-term partner in the domain of optical infrastructure planning, design, and construction.

This once again confirms our long-term experience and expertise in the domain of telecommunications infrastructure, but also obliges us to justify our partners’ expectations over the next nine years, during the implementation of a large project for Deutsche Telekom – OPTICS TO EVERY RESIDENT.

The majority of the work is already underway. The first phase of constructions took place in the Hamburg area, and during last week the Mayor of Heiligenhafen Kuno Brandt, top officials and representatives of Deutsche Telekom, as well as the CEO of TeleGroup, Milomir Gligorijević and media, were present on the special opening of the construction site in the port of Heiligenhafen.

The opportunity for employment and engagement of other companies and staff in the region on this project are enormous, and therefore the doors of our company are indeed open to all interested engineers, technicians and installers with knowledge of German language, who respect discipline and application of operation rules this field brings, respect organization and are interested in working side by side with us.

We increased our partnership potential with Deutsche Telekom when TeleGroup GmbH acquired a 100% stake in Monet GmbH in December 2021, that lead to further expansion of resources, both financial and human. Nevertheless, the opportunities to join our team and participate in this interesting project are enormous. We offer a secure job and the best working conditions in the North of Germany. European Union passport holders and technically educated staff with knowledge of the German language are given preference. We invite the Balkan citizens to join us on this journey, where we will provide accommodation, transportation, excellent financial conditions and a stable job.

Deutsche Telekom is the number one telecommunications giant in Europe and one of the world’s top tree. Over 100 billion euros will be invested in strategic development in the next ten years. “Join us to create the future together with the best “, said Milomir Gligorijević, President of the TeleGroup system.

In the coming months, TeleGroup GmbH will focus its efforts on selection of necessary staff:

– Engineers – graduate telecommunications engineers with references in the preparation of project documentation. Required knowledge of German minimum level B2.

– Managers with proven experience in site management (construction management) on excavation, laying optical cable pipes and professional work on optical cables. Required knowledge of German minimum level B2.

– Measurer / Installers for locating and eliminating troubleshooting on copper cables. Required knowledge of German minimum level A2.

For all positions, a workplace is possible in Germany, Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia.

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